Elevate Your Munchies with 2 Great Wraps


Welcome to The Stoner’s Cookbook, where we’re all about elevating your culinary adventures with a little green twist. Today, we’ve got two fantastic wrap recipes that are perfect for satisfying those late-night munchies. Whether you’re enjoying them alone or with friends, these wraps are sure to hit the spot. Let’s dive into the delicious details!


Sub Wrap:

  • 1 Tortilla
  • Mustard
  • Swiss Cheese (Sliced)
  • Ham (Sliced)
  • Turkey (Sliced)

Fish Wrap:

  • 1 Tortilla
  • Fishsticks
  • Tater Tots or Fries


  • Marijuana: No
  • Type: Munchie
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Serves: One person (with five wraps)


Sub Wrap:

  1. Start by laying out your tortilla on a plate.
  2. Squeeze a generous amount of mustard onto the tortilla and spread it evenly using a knife.
  3. Place slices of Swiss cheese, turkey, and ham on the tortilla, making sure to keep everything flat.
  4. Roll up the tortilla into a wrap, and it’s ready to eat!

Fish Wrap:

  1. Lay out the tortilla on a plate.
  2. Arrange 4-6 fish sticks in a line on the tortilla.
  3. Add some Tater Tots or fries on top of the fish sticks.
  4. Roll up the tortilla into a tasty wrap, and you’re good to go!


There you have it, folks! Two delicious wrap recipes to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for the savory goodness of the Sub Wrap or the unique flavors of the Fish Wrap, we hope you enjoy these stoner-friendly creations. Don’t forget to explore the comments for some extra culinary inspiration, and as always, consume responsibly! Happy munching!

User Comments:

So I need some ideas for use with stems, dudes, and dudettes, can y’all help me out?

  • Reply: Is there a good recipe for all these stems that I have saved?? Need some ideas, guys, help a girl out lol

Wow, that’s expensive, where do you live? You don’t use weed; you use stems and clippings.

  • Reply: Sounds pretty good, man.

I’ve been smoking green for 15 years every day, and I never tried to eat it. I’m a little leery; what I think is a waste of good stuff, especially since we’re talking $225 a half.

  • Reply: Man, that’s it. I smoke an oz of kb in a week lol.

Yeah, I love being a stoner too. I started with friends on a bong, and now I’m smoking a joint a few times a week!!! I love the effects!

  • Reply: Man, I love eating my mom’s tamales and pizza with ranch, some cereal, and a 3-liter of Sprite. Yeah, it’s awesome to be a stoner.

Nom nom nom! The second one is better in my opinion… and don’t forget about the endless possibilities of dipping sauces!!

  • Reply: Can you use leaves to cook with that were cut before the flushing process, or will the nutrients the plants were fed mess them up?

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